4 Ways to Unlock iPhone Passcode without Computer [Free]

iphone is disabled

Don’t have a computer to unlock your disabled/unavailable iPhone? Face ID/Touch ID not working and forgot your passcode? This guide will show you ways to unlock iPhone passcode without computer step by step.

We’ve ordered the methods in terms of effectiveness and difficulty so you can try them one by one until you find the one that works for you!

The following unlocking methods apply to all iPhone models, including iPhone 13/12/11/X/XR/8/7/6/5S.

Way 1. Unlock Any iPhone Using Secret Passcode

After hours of research on YouTube, we finally discover the secret passcode to unlock any iPhone. Follow the steps below and you’ll unlock your iPhone in no time.

Step 1. Press the Emergency option on the screen.

Step 2. Now dial *089654*8523997418*856907#. You’ll see the language on the screen gradually change as you type the code.

Step 3. After that, press the call button. If lucky, you can directly bypass the lock screen and regain access to your iPhone.

This method is super easy to operate and meanwhile causes no data loss. Therefore, we recommend you use it first.

Way 2. Unlock iPhone Passcode without Computer using Camera

As Apple is constantly rolling out software updates to fix system bugs, Way 2 and Way 3 may fail to unlock your iPhone if you upgrade your iPhone to the latest version.

Here are the steps for unlocking iPhone passcode using camera:

Step 1. Ask someone to call you.

Step 2. Do not answer the phone but tap the Message icon on the bottom right of the screen. Then tap on the Custom option on the following screen.

custom message

Step 3. Once you’re on the New iMessage screen, click on the camera icon.

unlock iphone without passcode using camera

Now you should have made it to bypass iPhone lock screen without computer.

Way 3. Unlock iPhone Passcode without Computer using Siri

This method doesn’t work on my iPhone 11 on iOS 15, but hopefully, it can help if your iPhone is running iOS 14 or earlier versions.

Step 1. Activate Siri and ask a question like you “What are you doin?”.

Step 2. Check whether there’s a question mark on the bottom left of the screen. If not, you should move on to the next method.

bypass iphone passcode using siri

Step 3. Tap on the question mark and then it’ll come with a list of options.

Step 4. Click on messages and then it’ll show you a bunch of things you can do with Siri.

Step 5. Now activate Siri again and tell Siri to launch iMessage.

Step 6. That’s it. If all goes well you should now be able to use your iPhone normally.

Still locked out of your iPhone after trying all the above methods? Don’t worry, we do have a solution that works 100% but may cause data loss.

Way 4. Reset Your iPhone without Passcode and Computer [100% Working]

If your iPhone is running iOS 15, all you need is your iPhone. But if your iPhone is running iOS 14 or earlier versions, you have to unlock your iPhone using another iPhone or iPad.

After resetting, all the existing content and settings on your iPhone will be wiped off, including your forgotten passcode. Therefore, you can regain access to your iPhone without passcode.

Before we start, make sure you have an iTunes/iCloud backup to restore from, otherwise, you’ll permanently lose the data.

For iOS 15:

Step 1. Press Erase iPhone on the bottom right of the screen.

iphone unavailable

Step 2. Enter your Apple ID password.

Step 3. Wait for your iPhone to restart.

Step 4. Set up your iPhone as new and then restore it from iCloud or iTunes.

restore iphone from backup

For iOS 14 or earlier:

Step 1. Launch Find My app on your other iPhone/iPad.

launch find my app

Step 2. Log in with the Apple ID you used on the locked iPhone.

Step 3. Now go to Devices and tap your locked iPhone.

select your disabled iphone

Step 4. Scroll down and select Erase This Device.

erase this iphone to remove screen lock passcode

Step 5. After that, set up your iPhone from scratch and then restore it from an iTunes or iCloud backup.

This method should be your last resort as you’ll inevitably lose some data unless you’ve backed up your iPhone right before it got locked.

FAQs about How to Unlock iPhone without Passcode

1. How to unlock iPhone without passcode or Face ID?

There are four ways to unlock iPhone without passcode or Face ID.

Way 1. Erase your iPhone via Find My.

Way 2. Unlock iPhone via Siri.

Way 3. Unlock iPhone via Camera

Way 4. Unlock iPhone using Secret Passcode.

2. How do I unlock my iPhone if I forgot the passcode without a computer?

Enter wrong passcodes repeatedly will lock your iPhone to the screen “iPhone is Disabled” or “iPhone Unavailable”.

The one and only official way to unlock iPhone passcode without computer is to erase it using Find My. However, there are still some tricks that can help you bypass iPhone lock screen without computer via Siri, camera, or secret passcode. Scroll up to see more details.

3. How do I unlock my iPhone without a computer or iTunes?

If you don’t want to unlock your iPhone with iTunes, there’s only one way left – unlock it with iCloud.

You can do this by tapping Erase on the lock screen (if you’re using iOS 15), or going to Find My > Devices > Erase This Device on another Apple device.

4. How can I get into a locked iPhone?

To get into a locked iPhone, you have to factory reset your iPhone first and then set it up again.

5. Can you unlock an iPhone on a computer?


First things first, you should install the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

Then put it into recovery mode and connect it to a computer.

Once you connect your iPhone to the computer, iTunes will automatically recognize it and there will appear a prompted window, asking you to update or restore your iPhone.

Choose the Restore option and wait for your iPhone to restart.

After that, you can set up your iPhone from scratch.

6. How to unlock iPhone without passcode or Face ID or computer?

If your iPhone is not running the latest iOS version, you can try to unlock the iPhone via Siri, phone call, and camera.

While if you’re using the latest iOS version, you have to erase this phone in Find My to unlock it without passcode.

7. How to unlock a stolen iPhone passcode without computer?

Although the above methods can also help to unlock a stolen iPhone without passcode, we do not recommend that!

8. How to Reset iPhone Passcode without Computer?

There is no way to directly reset iPhone passcode.

You have to reset the iPhone to factory settings and then set a new passcode.

As for how to reset iPhone without passcode and computer, you can refer to the main body of this article.


To conclude, the first three methods are all ways of exploiting Apple’s loopholes and may lose effect when your upgrade your iPhone to a relatively new version. But the last one works all the time. If you have the habit of backing up frequently, you can directly go for the last method.

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