Best PassFab Review 2023: Is PassFab Safe & Legit to Use?

passfab review

PassFab is a well-known software brand recognized for its expertise in password recovery and unlocking. The brand offers various product series tailored for Windows/MaciPhone/Android, and a range of document formats, such as RAR, PPT, ZIP, EXCEL, and more. Before you proceed with any PassFab software, it’s important to have a complete understanding of its capabilities and limitations. This comprehensive PassFab review is here to assist you in making an informed decision.

In this PassFab review, you’ll discover:

PassFab iPhone Unlocker Review

passfab iphone unlocker review

PassFab iPhone Unlocker works as a reliable solution when you forget your screen lock passcode or Apple ID password. Whether you’re locked out due to multiple incorrect attempts or need to sign out of your Apple ID without recalling the password, PassFab iPhone Unlocker has your back. Besides, it can effortlessly bypass screen time passcode and MDM lock, all achieved through a user-friendly process requiring just a few straightforward clicks.

Key Features:

  • Remove all types of screen locks: 4-digit/6-digit passcode, Touch ID & Face ID.
  • Unlock Apple ID and turn off FMI without password.
  • Reset or turn off screen time passcode without data loss.
  • Bypass Mobile Device Management (MDM) without a username and password.


  • Click-through operation.
  • Sign out of your Apple ID without losing data.
  • Support all iOS versions and devices.


  • Certain functions may result in data loss, so it’s advisable to back up your phone before using PassFab iPhone Unlocker.
  • MDM lock will appear again after factory reset.


  • 1 Month License: $35.95; 5 Devices, 1 PC
  • 1 Year License: $39.95; 5 Devices, 1 PC
  • Lifetime License: $49.95; 5 Devices, 1 PC

Alternatives: Tenorshare 4uKey for iPhone; iMobie AnyUnlock; iMyFone LockWiper for iPhone

PassFab Android Unlocker Review:

passfab android unlocker review

PassFab Android Unlocker can unlock two types of locks: Android screen locks and FRP (Factory Reset Protection) locks. It assists in regaining access to your Android device in case you’ve forgotten your password even if your screen is broken or unresponsive. It generally boasts a higher success rate with Samsung devices compared to other Android phones.

Key Features:

  • Remove all types of Android screen locks: Pattern, PIN, Password, Fingerprint.
  • Remove FRP lock from Samsung/Xiaomi/Redmi without data loss.


  • Unlock early Samsung devices without data loss.
  • Compatible with most Android devices on the market including Samsung, Google, Motorola, LG, HTC, HUAWEI, Xiaomi, etc.


  • Slightly challenging to navigate.
  • Potential data loss in many instances.
  • Official website info is outdated.


  • 1 Month License: $29.95; 5 Devices, 1 PC
  • 1 Year License: $39.95; 5 Devices, 1 PC
  • Lifetime License: $49.95; 5 Devices, 1 PC

Alternatives: Tenorshare 4uKey for Android; iMyFone LockWiper for Android; iMobie DroidKit

PassFab Activation Unlocker Review

passfab activation unlocker review

PassFab Activation Unlocker is another iPhone unlocking tool. Distinct from PassFab iPhone Unlocker, its specific purpose is to unlock iCloud activation locks after a reset or restore. Whether you’ve forgotten your iCloud credentials or bought an iCloud-locked iPhone/iPad, PassFab Activation Unlocker can effortlessly unlock your device. Yet, since this process entails jailbreaking, certain features on your device will be restricted afterward. Consider this carefully before deciding to proceed.

Key Features:

  • Bypass activation lock on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
  • Unlock iCloud accounts or disable the Find My feature without the Apple ID password (only for iOS 11.4 and below versions).
  • Turn off the camera sound for iOS devices sold in Japan.


  • Bypass iCloud activation lock even when your iPhone is in lost mode.
  • Support the latest iOS version.
  • Come with detailed instructions and boasts a high success rate.


  • Do not support iPhone models above iPhone X.
  • Signing in to iCloud in Settings is not permitted, and any SIM card-related features will become unavailable after removing the activation lock.
  • The iCloud activation lock will reappear every time you restart the device or set a screen unlock password on devices equipped with A11.


  • 1 Month License: $29.95; 5 Devices, 1 PC
  • 1 Year License: $39.95; 5 Devices, 1 PC
  • Lifetime License: $49.95; 5 Devices, 1 PC

Alternatives: iMobie AnyUnlock; Tenorshare 4MeKey; iMyFone iBypasser

PassFab 4WinKey Review:

passfab 4winkey review

PassFab 4WinKey is actually an all-in-one Windows password management tool. In addition to resetting/removing/deleting/creating Windows account login passwords (including admin/guest, domain), it also allows you to copy/delete files from your locked computer. To use it, you’ll need to prepare another accessible PC and a boot media (USB Flash Drive or CD/DVD). PassFab 4WinKey was my choice when I forgot my admin account password because offline repair is not only more expensive but also risks privacy leakage. I highly recommend 4WinKey if you value personal privacy as well!

Key Features:

  • Remove/reset Windows login password.
  • Create/delete Windows account.


  • No need to reinstall Windows system.
  • Work for all brands of desktops & laptops.


  • Your boot media will be wiped and formatted.


  • Professional Plan: $29.9; 1 Month, 1 PC
  • Enterprise Plan: $39.95; 1 Month, 1 PC
  • Ultimate Plan: $49.95; 1 Month, 1 PC

Note: Different license support different features, make sure you choose the right pricing plan.

passfab 4winkey price

Alternatives: Passper for Windows

FAQs about PassFab:

1. Is it safe to use PassFab?

PassFab is entirely safe to use in all aspects and will not harm your device or documents. However, it’s crucial to ensure you download PassFab from reputable sources to avoid any unnecessary security risks or scams. As a result, it’s advisable to avoid using cracked versions of PassFab software.

2. Is PassFab legit?

PassFab is a legitimate software company, and their products are free of any legitimacy concerns. 

3. Is PassFab free to use?

Like other password recovery tools in the market, PassFab is not available for free. For specific pricing details for each product, you can refer to the review section for each product below. Additionally, You can keep an eye on PassFab’s event page, which often features coupon code and free registration code that can help you save a substantial amount of money.

4. Does PassFab work on Mac?

Most PassFab products can operate on Mac, except for those exclusively designed for Windows computers, like PassFab 4WinKey and PassFab FixUWin.

Wrapping it Up

PassFab, as a subsidiary of Tenorshare, is just as effective and trustworthy as Tenorshare in nearly every aspect. I’ve tested all of their main software products, not only the four I mentioned in this PassFab review but also others like PassFab for RAR, PPT, ZIP, EXCEL, and more. It turns out that they all perform exactly as claimed. If you’re facing password recovery issues for iPhone, Android, or Windows, you should consider using PassFab. It’s likely the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective solution available.

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