Best iOS System Repair Software of 2023

Apple users constitute a vast community, and a multitude of products and services have emerged to cater to their needs. Now we have iOS system repair software, an online iPhone/iPad fixer that empowers everyone to restore their devices back to normal with a few clicks. This article is going to help you find the best iOS repair tool of 2023.

common iOS system errors and issues

The so-called iOS system repair refers to restarting, resetting, upgrading, or downgrading a device when it gets stuck or malfunctions. I have personally downloaded and tested each software mentioned below, and can affirm that they are all safe and legitimate to use. Therefore, feel free to download these apps, but do so exclusively from their official websites.

Without further ado, now let’s get started!

Top 1. Tenorshare ReiBoot for iOS

tenorshare reiboot ios system repair software

Tenorshare ReiBoot is a full-featured iOS system recovery tool that is capable of fixing a wide range of iPhone/iPad/Mac/Apple TV issues, including black screen, boot loop, frozen screen, iPhone is disabled, and many other update errors.

The working principle behind Tenorshare is quite simple: updating or restoring your device’s operating system. You can also understand it as reinstalling the operating system. Therefore, Tenorshare is safe, effective, and has a higher success rate compared to traditional iPhone repair tools.

Besides its effectiveness, another strong point of ReiBoot is its price. While it may not be the absolute cheapest program for fixing iPhone and iPad system issues, it comes very close.

ReiBoot starts at $24.95 and can be used on up to five devices. If you’ve done your research in advance, you’ll find the price is nearly $10 cheaper than other similar iOS system repair software.

To sum up, Tenorshare ReiBoot is a one-stop solution for all Apple users and it is best for one-off users due to its price advantage.

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Top 2. iMobie AnyFix iOS System Recovery

anyfix ios system repair software

AnyFix is another reliable and effective iOS repair tool, offering the most free features. It allows you to fix common iPhone/iPad issues by upgrading your device, putting it into recovery mode, and resetting it to factory settings, all for free.

Anything that you can do for free with Apple official solutions is still free in AnyFix, while many other tools may take advantage of people who are unaware of this.

However, AnyFix still requires a subscription when it comes to fixing serious iPhone/iPad issues, like black screen, boot loop, and others.

In terms of price, AnyFix doesn’t offer a starting price as low as ReiBoot, but it requires a lower price for a one-time purchase. Therefore, AnyFix is more ideal for people in need of a permanent iOS repair tool.

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Top 3. iMobie PhoneRescue for iOS – No Data Loss

phonerescue recover from ios device

iMobie PhoneRescue is such a tool that enables you to repair your iOS device first then retrieve lost data from your device, iTunes, or iCloud. Most iOS repair software will not affect your iPhone data, but in case something unexpected happens, PhoneRescue can effectively prevent data loss by backing up all your device data in advance and restoring your device data afterward.

All in all, PhoneRescue is the combination of an iOS system repair tool and an iOS data recovery tool. It is absolutely a safer choice if you have an adequate budget.

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Top 4. Dr.Fone iOS System Repair – Cheapest Program to Fix iPhone

dr.fone ios repair tool

Dr.Fone, also known as doctor phone software, is the first company diving into the area of iOS system recovery and also mastering the core technology of this industry. However, with the expansion of its business, the company gradually transfers its emphasis from the Dr.Fone series to creativity tools like Filmora, which brings both good news and bad news. The good news is Dr.Fone iOS System Repair has the cheapest price, while the bad news is it hardly makes progress in product quality these years.

That being said, I would recommend Dr.Fone iOS System Repair for one-off users as it is not only cheap but also trustworthy.

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Top 5. iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery

imyfone fixppo ios repair tool

iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery features a user-friendly and intuitive UI design so everyone can easily understand how to use it. As a result, it is one of the best-reviewed iOS system repair software across the Internet.

If your iPhone/iPad often malfunctions or you are running an iPhone/iPad repair shop, Fixppo be can your first choice because it has the lowest price for permanent use and in the meantime has first-class product quality.

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Top 6. TunesKit iOS System Recovery

tuneskit ios system recovery review

Tuneskit iOS System Recovery is TunesKit’s flagship product and is increasingly gaining popularity among Apple users. However, compared with the above 5 iPhone repair software, TunesKit iOS System Recovery tool barely has any advantages in terms of product features and prices.

The best part is that TunesKit promises a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you can always get your money back when TunesKit iOS System Recovery doesn’t work for you. Therefore, you can still give it a try when TunesKit is on sale.

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Top 7. FoneLab iOS System Recovery

fonelab ios system recovery review

Similar to Tuneskit iOS System Recovery, FoneLab iOS System Recovery is also a recently arising iPhone repair software. FoneLab iOS System Recovery is included in the FoneLab for iOS toolkit, which also includes an iPhone data management tool and iPhone WhatsApp transfer.

Overall speaking, Fonelab iOS System Recovery has nothing special but an alternative choice when you are on a tight budget.

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Top 8. FonePaw iOS System Recovery

Update: FonePaw iOS System Recovery is currently unavailable.

fonepaw ios system repair software

FonePaw iOS System Recovery has no free features at all and what’s even worse is it’s higher priced than most similar products. Besides, its official website page also seems unattended. Honestly speaking, I see no point in anyone choosing FonePaw iOS System Recovery tool instead of others.

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Top 9. 3uTools – Best Free iOS System Repair Software

free ios repair tool

For people who prioritize prices over their device’s safety and for people who’d love to take a risk with their devices, 3uTools is exactly what they need.

3uTools is not only a free iOS repair tool but also an all-in-one free toolkit for all iOS users. Nevertheless, it has long been suspected of collecting personal information from users and illegally using user data.

I would only advise you to use 3uTools when you have nothing important on your device or you are getting a new iPhone.

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FAQs about iOS System Repair Software

1. Is iOS system repair free?

Most iOS repair tools offer free features but you have to pay to use their advanced features, which are also the ones that can really solve your problems. Although you may find some free iOS repair tools online, I still do not recommend you use them for safety concerns.

2. Is iOS system repair safe?

According to my test results, most iOS system repair software online is safe to download and use. But generally speaking, paid iOS repair software is much safer than free ones. If you download and buy an iOS repair tool through official channels then you can use it with no worries.

3. Can iPhone software problems be fixed?

Sure. Most iPhone software problems can be fixed using iPhone repair software so you don’t need to spend extra time and money sending it to an offline iPhone repair shop.

4. How do I restore my iPhone operating system?

You can either restore your iPhone operating system using Apple’s official tool – iTunes or using some third-party iPhone repair software like iMobie AnyFix. If you think iTunes is too complex to operate, or unfortunately, you forgot your Apple ID and password, then iPhone repair software is more suitable for you.

5. How do I fix the firmware on my iPhone?

You can fix the firmware on your iPhone by reinstalling it and to do that, you need the help of iPhone repair software, which you can find above in this article. Such an iPhone fixer can flash your iPhone firmware without erasing your data.

6. How much does an iPhone software repair cost?

If you choose to repair your iPhone using iOS system repair software like AnyFix or ReiBoot, the service would approximately cost you $6.65-29.99 for a month, $35.96-59.98 for a year, and $59.99-79.95 for a lifetime.


To conclude, most iOS system repair software on the market can work well and effectively solve software-related iPhone/iPad issues. For one-off users, I would recommend Dr.Fone iOS System Repair because it is the cheapest program available. While for people who need a regular iOS repair tool, iMobie AnyFix has the best value for money in the long run.

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