[2023 Real Test] FonePaw iOS System Recovery Full Review

Quick Summary: FonePaw iOS System Recovery is a safe and legit iOS system recovery tool that can save your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch from a variety of update errors and software malfunctioning issues.

fonepaw ios system recovery review

This FonePaw iOS System Recovery review will unveil the following concerns for you:

Part 1. What is FonePaw iOS System Recovery?

As its name indicates, FonePaw iOS System Recovery is a tool specifically developed to solve all kinds of iPhone problems caused by Apple system and software malfunctioning issues.

The tool enables you to fix your iPhone problems independently at home because it requires no expertise and technical skills from your at all.

With a simple click of your mouse, FonePaw iOS System Recovery enables you to fix the following issues:

  • Fix iPhone frozen/stuck issues during or after iOS update without data loss.
  • Update and restore your iPhone/iPad as an alternative to iTunes.
  • Unlock your disabled iPhone/iPad when you forgot the passcode.
  • Unjailbreak your iPhone/iPad.
  • Downgrade your iPhone/iPad to previous iOS versions.

Part 2. Does FonePaw iOS System Recovery Work?

Does FonePaw iOS System Recovery work like what they advertised on their official website?

Well, that might not be the case if you have a look at the customer reviews on Trustpilot.

fonepaw ios system recovery user review

About 75% reviews on Trustpilot about FonePaw are bad and negative, which to some extent shows that their products are of poor quality.

However, most of these bad comments are complaints about their iPhone data recovery product. It’s rare to find a bad review of FonePaw iOS System Recovery.

And to ensure you about the success rate of FonePaw iOS System Recovery, they promise a 30-day money back policy. Therefore you can proceed to buy the product with no worries.

In case it fails to get your device back to normal, you are entitled to ask for full refund.

Part 3. Is FonePaw iOS System Recovery Safe?

FonePaw has always done a good job of product safety.

Your data will be kept well during the repair process and no one has the access to your privacy information.

In this aspect, FonePaw iOS System Recovery is safer than offline repair because people who repair your phone will inevitably see what’s on your phone.

Besides, FonePaw has a very safe and clean interface free from ads and malware. It will for sure do no harm to your iPhone and computers.

Part 4. Pros & Cons of FonePaw iOS System Recovery

Multiple repair modes available.Very limited free functions.
Repair common iPhone update errors without data loss.No online expert assistance.
30-day money back guarantee.More expensive than similar products.
Intuitive interface and fool-style operations.
Free download for both Windows and Mac.
Broad compatibility for iPhone models and iOS versions.

Compared with other similar iOS system recovery tools, FonePaw iOS System Recovery innovatively developed three repair modes to meet different needs.

It is compatible with all iOS versions and iPhone models above iPhone 4. Moreover, you can free download it for any Windows and Mac operating system.

However, it doesn’t support you to free enter/exit recovery mode like other competitors do in the market. And there are no obvious reasons for the higher price.

Part 5. Is FonePaw iOS System Recovery Free?

FonePaw iOS System Recovery does have a Free Quick Fix mode but it can only fix some minor iOS update errors.

To fix more severe iOS problems, for example, iPhone white screen, iPhone stuck in recovery mode/DFU mode, and iPhone reboot loop, you have to pay to use the FonePaw iOS System Recovery full version.

FonePaw iOS System Recovery Pricing:

fonepaw ios system recovery pricing

FonePaw iOS System Recovery offers three price plans: $34.96 for one month, $41.96 for one year, and $59.46 for lifetime.

By “6 Devices, 1 PC”, it means you can fix up to 6 devices with each registration code, and the registration code can only be used on one computer.

Therefore, there’s no possibility to crack FonePaw iOS System Recovery with free registration code.

Part 6. How Do I Restore my iPhone with FonePaw iOS System Recovery?

The process to restore your iPhone with FonePaw iOS System Recovery can be divided into three steps:

Step 1. Launch FonePaw iOS System Recovery and connect your iPhone to the device.

Step 2. Select a repair mode.

Step 3. Download the automatically matched firmware and start to repair your phone.

For more detailed instructions, you can check their user guides.

Part 7. FonePaw iOS System Recovery Full Version Free Download

Actually there’s no so-called full version FonePaw iOS System Recovery.

To use the pro version of FonePaw iOS System Recovery, you have to download the free version first, then enter the serial license to upgrade it.

Note that those pages claiming to contain FonePaw iOS System Recovery crack or FonePaw iOS System Recovery registration code free are probably scams.

Part 8. FonePaw iOS System Recovery or iTunes?

FonePaw iOS System Recovery can be a great alternative to iTunes.

Next time you see an error when you update or restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you can just ask FonePaw iOS System Recovery for help.

FonePaw iOS System Recovery can do everything iTunes does and what’s better, it can fix a variety of iOS update stuck or iOS update failure issues without data loss.

Part 9. Best FonePaw iOS System Recovery Alternatives

As mentioned before, FonePaw iOS System Recovery is not as good as its competitors in terms of price, free features, and functionality.

Below are the top 2 best alternatives to FonePaw iOS System Recovery:

iMobie AnyFix: AnyFix iOS System Recovery comes at a slightly higher price but with more free functions and higher success rate.

Tenorshare ReiBoot: ReiBoot is about 5 dollars cheaper and has similar product quality as FonePaw. Besides, it supports to free enter/exit recovery mode, which can solve most minor iPhone malfunctioning issues.

FAQs about FonePaw iOS System Recovery

1. Is FonePaw iOS System Recovery legit?

Yes, it is legit and safe to use.

FonePaw iOS System Recovery works just like iTunes. The only difference is that it can fix most of the iPhone problems without data loss.

2. Is FonePaw iOS System Recovery a scam?

I don’t think so.

First of all, FonePaw is a registered software company that has been around for quite a while.

Second, their software has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Third, they promise a 30-day money-back guarantee, so your money is safe until their software solves your problem.

3. Does FonePaw work for iPhone?

Absolutely yes.

FonePaw has a series of products exclusively designed for iPhone users, including FonePaw iOS System Recovery, FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery, FonePaw iOS Unlocker, iOS WhatsApp Transfer, and so on so forth.

You can choose different products according to your needs.

Final Verdict

FonePaw iOS System Recovery is a perfect alternative to iTunes when it fails to update or restore your iPhone and iPad. With its 30-day money-back guarantee, you can completely fell free to give it a try!

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