Best DroidKit Review 2023: Does DroidKit Really Work?

DroidKit is a name you’ll often come across when your Android phone or tablet runs into trouble. As a result, a series of questions arise about it: What is DroidKit? What is it used for? Does it actually work? Is it safe and legitimate to use? Can you use it for free?

If you have similar concerns about DroidKit, don’t worry, this article will help you discover everything you need to know about it.

droidkit toolkit

What’s in this DroidKit review:

What is DroidKit?

DroidKit, developed by iMobie, is a comprehensive toolkit for Android phones and tablets. It integrates 8 useful tools into one place. You can use it to remove various screen locks, bypass FRP lock, recover lost data, fix system issues, extract needed data, reinstall/upgrade Android OS, transfer data, and clean system junk.

droidkit features

Note: At the time of writing, DroidKit only offers desktop software, not a mobile app.

Features of DroidKit

DroidKit is mainly used for the following five purposes:

1. Android Phone Unlocker

DroidKit can remove any type of screen lock on your phone or tablet, be it a PIN, pattern, or password. Likewise, it can unlock Android phones when fingerprint and face recognition are not working.

droidkit phone unlocker

This feature is in essence performing a factory reset on your Android phone. You can actually do that without DroidKit, but DroidKit can help you save trial and error costs by detecting your phone model and providing corresponding operating steps.

Note: DroidKit will erase all your device data after successfully removing the screen lock, so you better back up your device beforehand if possible.

2. Android Data Recovery

Have you ever accidentally deleted important photos, messages, or other data on your Android device? I know it’s a common issue that many of us face.

The good news is, when stuff seems lost on our devices, it’s not really gone forever. There are tools that can help get it back. That’s where iMobie’s DroidKit steps in.

droidkit data recovery

DroidKit claims to recover a diverse array of data, including media data (photos/videos/audio), personal data (messages/contacts/call logs/calendar/documents/books/ZIP files/APK files), and social data (WhatsApp/LINE)

It offers a Quick Recovery feature and a more thorough option called Deep Recovery. The only difference is that Deep Recovery mode requires you to root your device, giving it a higher success rate. DroidKit can even recover data from SD cards, but the feature is only available on Windows for now.

The best part of using DroidKit is that you can scan and preview lost data before upgrading to DroidKit Pro so you won’t lose out on recovering your needed files.

3. FRP Bypass

droidkit frp bypass

DroidKit supports bypassing FRP on devices manufactured by Samsung, Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO, and OPPO.

FRP is a security feature introduced by Google for Android devices running on Android 5.1 and higher. It will usually appear after a factory reset. To bypass the FRP lock, you need to enter the Google account and password that was previously associated with the device.

DroidKit is the tool that comes to your rescue when you’ve purchased a secondhand Android device with FRP enabled or have simply forgotten your Google account credentials.

Note: This feature will erase content data on your device. Make sure to back up your device in advance.

4. Android System Repair

Specifically designed for Samsung devices, DroidKit’s System Repair tool can resolve various system-level problems such as black screen, system crashes, startup loops, error reports, among others.

droidkit system repair

The principle behind this function is reinstalling/upgrading the Android OS on your device, so theoretically, it shouldn’t cause data loss afterwards. That being said, it’s best to back up your phone just in case.

Note: This feature is currently only for Samsung phones and tablets.

5. Android Data Transfer

Another function that DroidKit is frequently used for is transferring all your content from iPhone to Android, or between Androids.

droidkit data transfer

Additionally, it can also function as an Android data manager, allowing you to edit and delete Android content in batch, export Android content to computer, import content from PC to Android, and conveniently handle tasks like transferring, backing up, and restoring WhatsApp data in one place.

With support for 13 different types of data and compatibility with over 20,000 Android devices, you can effortlessly transfer data to and from Android devices without any hassle.

6. Android Data Extractor

DroidKit can also be used for extracting data from crashed device, Google account, and SIM card.

The benefit of using DroidKit data extractor is that it enables you to preview what’s content available and extract exactly what you need.

droidkit data extractor

How to Use DroidKit?

To use DroidKit, you’ll need to have a Windows/Mac computer and a USB cable ready. Next, make sure to download the latest version of DroidKit from its official website. Afterward, you can relax and simply follow the on-screen instructions.

DroidKit features an intuitive interface and a user-friendly wizard. All functions can be completed with just a few clicks.

Below I’ll demonstrate how to use DroidKit to unlock phone.

How to Use DroidKit to Unlock Phone?

Step 1. Launch DroidKit on your computer and select the Screen Unlocker module from the main interface.

droidkit screen unlocker

Step 2. Connect your phone to computer using the USB cable and click the Start button. Then click the Device connected button to confirm.

connect android device to computer

Step 3. Next up, wait for DroidKit to download the configuration file for your device. Once finished, click the Remove Now button to proceed.

start to remove screen lock

Step 4. Select your phone brand. Then, follow the instructions to put your phone into recovery mode, and wipe cache partition on your device.

put android phone into recovery mode

Step 5. Now, DroidKit will automatically begin removing the screen lock. Please be patient, and you’ll regain access to your Android phone in just a few minutes.

droidkit screen lock removal completed

That’s how you can use DroidKit to unlock Android phone, which also applies for Android tablet. For more information on how to use other DroidKit features, you can check this detailed DroidKit user manuals and tutorials provided by DroidKit official.

Does DroidKit Work?

Does DroidKit actually work? My personal experience may not sufficient to prove that. For accuracy, I gathered and analyzed over 100 comments from real DroidKit users on platforms like Reddit, Quora, and others.

Mixed reviews indicate that DroidKit’s effectiveness varies depending on the specific problem and device.

User feedback highlights DroidKit’s effectiveness in unlocking Android screens. It works for various lock types, including PINs and fingerprints. This makes it a valuable solution for screen lock issues.

Besides that, Droidkit also excels in data recovery. It’s reliable for rescuing lost files. With DroidKit, you can successfully retrieve photos, videos, and more.

Nevertheless, while DroidKit is generally reliable, its effectiveness may vary depending on the device models. Typically, you’ll get a higher success rate if you’re using mainstream Android brands, especially Samsung devices.

To sum up, DroidKit indeed works but the premise is your device issue falls within their service scope. For your information, DroidKit has provided a comprehensive list of its capabilities and limitations on this page. Be sure to research before using it.

Is DroidKit Safe?

Overall speaking, DroidKit is safe to use and won’t result in adverse effects on your device, data, or privacy.

First of all, DroidKit is not a virus nor a scam. As an Apple and Microsoft certified developer, DroidKit is 100% free of malware or other threats. It is safe to download and use, and I have verified that using my own Android phone and computer.

Second, DroidKit employs 256-bit SSL encryption, the most secure technique for data till date, so your privacy is 100% safe from falling into the wrong hands.

Third, it’s true that very few, almost none, of DroidKit users have reported security issues while using it.

Last but not least, DroidKit is regularly updated and maintained with bug fixes, so it can remain robust against emerging threats.

That being said, you should avoid using cracked DroidKit because that will not only invalidate the above reasons, but also make them the opposite. Click the button below to download the genuine DroidKit.

Is DroidKit Legit?

There is no definitive answer to the question of whether DroidKit is legit. But I’ll consider DroidKit legit taking the following aspects into account:

  • Authenticity: DroidKit is developed by a real and legitimate company called iMobie. It is not a scam or fraudulent software.
  • Effectiveness: DroidKit actually delivers on its promised functions and features.
  • Safety and Security: As we’ve discussed earlier, your device, data, and privacy are safe with DroidKit.
  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations: DroidKit operates within the legal framework, including adherence to copyright and data protection laws.
  • Reputation and Reviews: DroidKit has received positive reviews from a range of authoritative resources, including Android Police, Android Community, Android Headlines, XDA Developers, and etc.
  • Customer Support and Service: There is a responsive customer support team out there in case you encounter any issues while using DroidKit.

Is DroidKit Free?

DroidKit is not completely free to use; some advanced features like recovering lost Android data without backup, unlocking Android phone screen, bypassing FRP lock, fixing Android system errors, etc., may require a subscription.

You can check for more differences between Free DroidKit and Activated DroidKit in the table below.

DroidKit Free vs Pro

UtilitiesFeaturesFree TrialActivated Version
Android Phone UnlockerRemove all patterns, PINs, etc. without root
Unlock Android screen wirelessly
FRP BypassBypass FRP lock
Android Data RecoveryScan lost data with 2 recovery modes
Preview lost data
Recover up to 13 types of data, including WhatsApp & attachments
Retrieve lost data directly to device and computer
System FixAuto match and download the fix package
Fix system issues
Data ExtractorScan and preview data from crashed devices
Download data from Google Account
Extract needed data from broken devices
Extract 13 types of essential data without root
Restore WhatsApp, contacts, etc, from Google securely
System  ReinstallDetect device firmware version
Download firmware package
Reinstall/upgrade Android OS3 (times)Unlimited
System CleanerFind system caches, junk files
Clean system junk3 (times)Unlimited
Data Manager Data Manager Browse and Edit Android content
Delete Android content in batch
Export Android content to computer50 itemsUnlimited
Transfer content from PC/Android to Android50 itemsUnlimited
Back up WhatsApp and WhatsApp attachments to computer
Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone/Android to Android
Restore WhatsApp backup to computer/Android
Migrate iPhone/Android content to new Android

Although DroidKit is not free to use, we can see from the table that the DroidKit free trial allows you to test it out so you can determine whether DroidKit is able to solve your problems. Therefore, it is always advisable to try it before making a purchase.

DroidKit Pricing

DroidKit offers a flexible pricing plan. You can opt to pay for each utility tool individually or purchase the all-in-one bundle to enjoy all features at a much lower price.

droidkit pricing

The full toolkit is billed on an annual basis, which you can cancel at any time. Throughout the year, you’ll have access to unlimited free updates and 24/7 customer service.

droidkit toolkit price

While for each utility tool, DroidKit provides three pricing options, including 3-month subscription, 1-year subscription, and one-time purchase.

In comparison, the whole toolkit undoubtedly offers more value for money, however, don’t be misled by the discounts; you should clearly define your needs and choose what best suits you. No matter which pricing plan you choose, you can click the button below to enjoy up to 75% off at checkout.

Once you complete the payment, your exclusive account and activation code will be instantly delivered to your email inbox. You can then proceed to activate DroidKit Pro and access its advanced features.

Note: Each account can only be used on one computer and work for 5 devices.

How to Activate DroidKit?

To activate DroidKit, click the “Activate” button on the top bar first, then click the “Activate Now” button to enter your account and activation code.

how to activate droidkit

When finished, confirm by clicking the “Activate Now” button again, and now you’re entitled to use the activated feature.

Is it Possible to Activate DroidKit for Free?

No, DroidKit typically requires a purchase or subscription to activate its full range of features. While there may be occasional promotions or offers that provide limited-time access to certain features for free, the standard operation of DroidKit involves a paid activation.

Pros & Cons of DroidKit

It’s important to note that these pros and cons are based on limited feedback available, and your individual experiences may vary.


Successful Screen Unlock: Many users have reported success in using DroidKit to unlock screens on their Android devices.

Data Recovery Capabilities: Droidkit has been praised for its data recovery capabilities, with users successfully retrieving photos, videos, audio files, and other types of data. This suggests that the software is proficient at recovering lost or deleted files.

Wide Device Compatibility: The software claims to support over 20,000 Android devices from various brands. 

Responsive Customer Service: Most users have expressed satisfaction with the responsiveness of DroidKit’s customer service. You’ll get quick and helpful assistance when encountering issues or seeking support.


Device-Specific Effectiveness: There are instances where DroidKit did not deliver the desired functionality, such as failing to work on specific devices (e.g., Oppo A15). This indicates that the software’s effectiveness may not be consistent across all Android devices.

Potential Security Risks: A few users raised concerns about antivirus programs flagging DroidKit during installation. Though that didn’t cause harm in the end.

Higher Prices: The software is considered expensive by some users as you can find free alternatives to certain features of DroidKit, even though those methods are often more complex and raise more security concerns.

DroidKit Alternatives

At the time of writing, we have not found total free alternatives to DroidKit. If you have a recommendation, please let us know in the comment section, and we will consider updating this section later.

1. Dr.Fone Full Toolkit

Dr.Fone full toolkit provides an one-stop solution for not only Android issues but also iPhone ones. It is a perfect DroidKit alternative for data recovery, screen unlocking, system recovery, WhatsApp transferring, and all other features.

Dr.Fone is also the one and only alternative to the DroidKit toolkit. Other options may only cover one or two features of DroidKit.

Dr.Fone Full Toolkit vs DroidKit

Dr.Fone and DroidKit are equally good in terms of effectiveness, versatility, and customer service. The main difference lies in their pricing.

Compared to DroidKit, Dr.Fone has a higher starting price but a lower one-time purchase price. Therefore, DroidKit is suitable for one-off users, while Dr.Fone is more cost-effective in the long run.

2. iMyFone LockWiper for Android

iMyFone LockWiper for Android is a good DroidKit alternative for screen unlocking and FRP bypass. It can remove various Android screen locks and easily unlock Android FRP/Google account verification without password.

LociWiper for Android has a wide compatibility with more than 6000 Android phones and tablets and supports the latest Android 13.0.

LockWiper vs DroidKit

Compared to DroidKit, LockWiper is more cost-effective for people who need to unlock both the phone screen and FRP. This often happens when you bought a secondhand Android device with screen lock and FRP enabled, or when you just forgot your screen passcode and Google account credentials.

If you choose LockWiper, you can get these two features for the same price as one single feature of DroidKit.

DroidKit Review – Final Verdict

In this DroidKit review, we have discussed a wide range of concerns about DroidKit: Is it safe to use DroidKit? Is DroidKit legit? Deos DroidKit actually work? Is Droid free? How much does DroidKit cost?

To conclude, DroidKit is indeed a reliable for unlocking phone screen, bypassing FRP, recovering lost data, and performing many other functions it claims to do.

However, one fact you cannot ignore is that DroidKit’s effectiveness is not consistent across all Android devices, which means you may face failure if your device is not from Samsung, Redmi, Huawei, or other mainstream manufacturers.

Overall, if you’re seeking a quick, safe, and effective solution when your Android phone or tablet suddenly goes wrong, DroidKit is a solid choice you should consider.

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