Bright Data Review 2023

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Bright Data, formerly known as Luminati, is overall a good choice for a business-level scraping solution, and these three authentic reviews will prove it.


bright data proxies

Highlight: Vast IP pool for anonymous web scraping; offers businesses access to millions of genuine residential and mobile IPs from all around the world; a reliable option for web scraping, data collection, and other web-related tasks that require high-quality proxies.

Data scraping across different geolocations, and over frequent time intervals is crucial in today’s time.

For many use cases, even for the non harmful scraping, IPs get blocked, and the current online solutions of proxy providers are shady and unreliable.

Bright data very carefully addressed this sweet spot. With a comprehensive solution of IP addresses and advanced functionalities like IP rotation and precise geolocation targeting, Bright Data offers a potent solution for large-scale.


– High availability of IP proxy service (up-time).

– Smooth to use, and provides good data structuring and visualization features.

– Spawning IPs over multiple geo-locations serves an important purpose of generating real-looking proxies, and prevents block by eminent websites.

– Scraped data can be quickly analysed for insights in Bright Data’s portal. This is unlike other software experiences, where we had to do the tedious tasks of collecting/storing data at one place and analysing at other.

– They offer different pricing for various data collection proxy services, and the prices are reasonable.


– It is relatively in an earlier stage of development and adoption.

– There’s less to do with communities angle of this product, and less available integration with existing software (e.g Jupyter notebook) which are incredibly useful in the workflows of data scraping. For python request based proxy, their proxy products did a good job.

– I am not very confident in trusting the current security norms of this software. Similarly, I feel less motivated to upload any personal dataset or to attempt connecting my existing critical apps with Bright Data IPs.

– I also want to suggest Bright Data to improve its UI and make it user friendly.” —Matthew D.

Scraping Solutions

bright data scaping solutions

Highlight: Fast and reliable data collection services and an excellent developer and support team.

Bright Data has allowed us to automate, scale, and integrate data collection effortlessly with our business intelligence tools and pre-existing data infrastructure. Web data collection has enabled data-driven strategies which were previously not viable due to a lack of consistent and timely data.

What I like:

Web data collection through Bright Data has proven quick, reliable, and scalable. They are GDPR-compliant, so we haven’t had to worry about legal backlash. Submitting requests for managed data collectors is intuitive and easy, and the people we have worked with are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Bright Data have made our data collection needs effortless.

What I dislike:

Bright Data’s IDE help and documentation are limited for those looking to develop their own data collectors for the cost-effective solution of paying per page load for small projects where a managed collector is not worth the price. The templates are only helpful for those specific sites, so it can be difficult to tailor to custom datasets.


bright data datasets

Highlight: The datasets are very well structured, making information retrieval very easy. It serves as a fantastic and quick alternative if one needs public data at scale.

Helpful review: “I found the service and support outstanding. As a Doctoral Researcher at Cardiff University Business School, and a seasoned financial services data analytics executive, I pride myself in staying at the forefront of alternative data sources and tools. Bright Data delivers on these, with a robust data set and easy-to-use platform for filtering and managing the assets through to delivery.

We are researchers from Indian School of Business (ISB) and we got access to Bright Data’s LinkedIn dataset. It contains web information from millions of public LinkedIn profiles, which makes it a rich source for conducting management research. The datasets are very well structured, making information retrieval very easy. Each profile has unique identifiers, which enables filtering/ linking of subsets and getting a comprehensive screenshot for each individual and firm. The dataset is a fantastic and quick alternative if one needs public data at scale.

Additionally, I had a wonderful experience working with their account manager, Daniel Piaskowski and their backend development team. They considered our feedback and incorporated a new filter in the dataset, which helped us filter records more precisely. They have been highly responsive and timely with their data delivery. The data has contributed hugely to our research.

Areas of improvement:

– Additional filtering capabilities are always desirable, as well as the ability to do some pre-processing before taking delivery of the asset.” —Rajita V.

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