Dr.Fone Review 2023: Does it Work? Is it Safe?

dr.fone toolkit

Before purchasing the full Dr.Fone toolkit or paying for a single utility within it, we sincerely recommend you read our latest Dr.Fone reviews first.

To be honest, we failed to test every Dr.Fone program on all smartphones and tablets due to our limited number of iOS and Android devices. But to make this review as authentic and trustworthy as possible, we studied and researched almost everything available online, ranging from other trustworthy Dr.Fone reviews to real user feedback on Reddit, Quora, Trustpilot, and Sitejabber.

Note that since Dr.Fone has been through a number of major updates and has improved in every way, this review will not take outdated information into consideration, and neither shall you.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the in-depth Dr.Fone review:

Part 1. Overall Dr.Fone Review

Before we go into respective reviews for each Dr.Fone program, we want to take you through an overall analysis of Dr.Fone by answering the most concerned questions about it. If you have already known Wondershare and Dr.Fone well, then you can skip this part and go directly to the next part.

What is Dr.Fone?

Dr.Fone is an all-in-one toolkit for both iOS and Android users. You can download it on both Mac and Windows computers.

About ten years ago, Dr.Fone started as a third-party tool to back up Apple devices. Since then, it has always played a leading role in the industry. iMyFone, Tenorshare, and many other software companies are all its imitators.

From the very beginning, it was called Data Recovery for iTunes. It was in 2013 that it officially changed to a name that makes more sense: doctor phone.

It was initially designed only to recover and manage iDevice data but now has developed into a versatile toolkit. Not only can it now support recovering and managing data, but also repair iOS/Android system errors, transfer data across multiple platforms, as well as unlock and manage various device locks.

It is no exaggeration to say that Dr.Fone can now fix any problem that you might encounter when using your mobile devices.

Does Dr.Fone Work?

Does Dr.Fone really work? Can I believe what they advertised on their official website?

After testing all its major functions, we prefer to say yes regardless of the flood of bad comments on the internet.

dr.fone real user feedback

From my perspective, Dr.Fone does use some tricks to eliminate your worries and encourage you into the purchasing process. For example, they like to use absolute words to describe their product features and avoid giving details on the website. You have to scroll down to see the limitations and drawbacks of using their products.

Nevertheless, if you fully understand what problems on earth the toolkit can solve and under what conditions can it work, it will not let you down.

Our advice here is that before you purchase their products, make sure your problem is within their service scales (the following respective reviews will help), otherwise, you have to fight for a refund.

The good news is that Dr.Fone is seemingly not mean as regards refund.

dr.fone real user feedback

Is Dr.Fone Safe?

Is Dr.Fone a safe program? As far as we are concerned, it is safe to use and will not harm your device.

First of all, the download and installation process is free from viruses and ads. Dr.Fone has passed all anti-virus tests so your computer is safe with it.

Second, your privacy is completely respected and protected. They will not collect your device data, let alone leak or sell it to a third party. It is also one of the benefits of having your device repaired or managed online without human inspections.

Third, your payment environment is safe. I’ve once seen feedback chewing out DrFone for trying to steal his credit card information, but this situation is very rare and we cannot tell whether it has something to do with Dr.Fone or anything else related to his computer conditions. So you should never worry about it as it will not happen 99.9% of the time.

Fourth, their user interface is very instructive and you’ll get informed of every change to your device. It’s totally up to you to move forward or not.

That being said, some unknown errors may still occur, such as Dr.Fone not working and taking too long time. But no worries, they have a 24/6 support team ready to help you. They would love to help you because that’s also a way for them to improve the product quality.

Is Dr.Fone Legit?

Dr.Fone is legit to use and won’t invalidate your device warranty.

Dr.Fone is actually doing the same job as those specialists at the device repair shops. But obviously, with Dr.Fone, you can save a lot of money and time by fixing the issue at home on your own.

Believe it or not, those so-called specialists may also use Dr.Fone to handle your requests but charge higher prices. That’s why Dr.Fone comes up with a Team & Business pricing plan.

Is Dr.Fone Free?

Does Dr.Fone Work for free? No.

Dr.Fone does provide a free trial for you to feel the way it works but they do not provide free services. You are allowed to use the product till the last step to finish.

At that point, if you still want to proceed, you will be asked to log in to your Wondershare ID, which you have to buy from here. After that, you can log in with your registered email and license key, sent via an email from Wondershare Dr.Fone.

How much does Dr.Fone cost?

Fortunately, Dr.Fone comes at a reasonable and affordable price. Its single utility starts from $9.95 and the whole toolkit starts from $79.95.

It’s worth noting that there are price differences between Mac and Windows versions of Dr.Fone. Usually, Mac users have to pay more for the same functionality. So if you have a Windows computer handy, consider buying a Windows license.

Part 2. Dr.Fone WhatsApp Transfer Review

dr.fone whatsapp transfer review

Dr.Fone WhatsApp Transfer is one of the best quality programs within the Dr.Fone toolkit.

Dr.Fone WhatsApp Transfer enables you to transfer WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business chat history and other attachment files from your old phone to new phone. You can freely transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone, or Android to Android.

In addition, it also supports you to back up other social media, including Line, Viber, Kik, and WeChat.


  • Transfer WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business chat history.
  • Back up WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business/Line/Viber/Kik/Wechat chat history.
  • Selectively Restore WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business chat history to device or computer. 


WhatsApp Transfer is fully compatible with all models of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android.

Supported iOS versions: iOS 15, iOS 14, iOS 13, iOS 12/12.3, iOS 11, iOS 10.3, iOS 10, iOS 9 and former.

Supported Android OS versions: Android 2.0 to 11.


1 Year License $21.95$29.95
Perpetual License$29.95$39.95

Each license can be used for 5 devices on the same computer. You can also customize the 1 year business license to use the tool on more devices.

Part 3. Dr.Fone Phone Transfer Review

dr.fone phone transfer review

If you get a new phone and want to transfer everything from your old phone to the new one, not just social app data, Dr.Fone Phone Transfer is what you must have. It can transfer data after setup.


iOS to Android: photos, videos, contacts, contact blacklist, messages, bookmarks, calendar, voice memo, music, alarm records, voicemail, and ringtones.

iOS to iOS: photos, videos, contacts, messages, bookmarks, calendar, voice memo, music, alarm records, voicemail, ringtones, and memo.

Android to iOS: photos, videos, contacts, messages, bookmarks, calendar, voice memo, and music.

Android to Android: photos, videos, contacts, messages, call history, bookmarks, calendar, voice memo, contact blacklist, music, and apps.

Notes: Dr.Fone Phone Transfer can only transfer apps for Android to Android. There’s no way to transfer apps between iOS and Android devices. You have to download them manually. If you want to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone, select Restore from iCloud Backup when you set up the device.


Phone Transfer works for 8000+ devices, including Apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, OPPO, Sony, Google, and more. It also supports the latest iOS and Android OS, including devices provided by AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile, or unlocked.

If you are not sure whether your device is in their support range, just download and use the free trial first. Its free trial version allows you to transfer 5 contacts before login.


1 Year License $29.95$35.00
Perpetual License$39.95$39.95

Part 4. Dr.Fone Data Recovery Review

dr.fone data recovery review

Dr.Fone Data Recovery is the first-tier data recovery tool for both iOS and Android devices and Wondershare claims that it has the highest success rate in the industry. It is good at recovering recently deleted/lost data, whatever the causes.

Most importantly, you are allowed to scan and preview your lost data first and then decide whether to pay for that.


Dr.Fone – Data Recovery (iOS):

  • Directly recover data from devices without backup, including contacts, messages & attachments, call history, notes & attachments, calendar, reminders, and safari’s bookmark.
  • Selectively extract and restore data from iCloud/iTunes backup, including photos, videos, App’s photos, App’s videos, App’s documents, voice memos, and voicemails.

Dr.Fone – Data Recovery (Android):

  • Recover data from Android internal storage, including contacts, messages, call history, documents, WhatsApp & Attachments, photos, videos, and audio.
  • Recover data from your Android SD card.
  • Retrieve data from broken Samsung phones and tablets.


Dr.Fone Data Recovery is compatible with most mainstream Android devices. Any Android OS is supported from Android 2.1 to the latest.


1 Year License (iOS)$59.95$69.95
Perpetual License (iOS)$69.95$79.95
1 Year License (Android)$39.95Unavailable
Perpetual License (Android)$49.95Unavailable

Part 5. Dr.Fone Screen Unlock Review

dr.fone screen unlock review

Dr.Fone Screen Unlock is an all-in-one unlocking tool that can easily handle all kinds of iOS and Android locks.


Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS)

  • Remove screen passcode/Face ID/Touch ID.
  • Remove the Apple ID and iCloud account.
  • Bypass MDM screen & remove MDM Profile.
  • Unlock Screen Time & Restrictions Passcode.
  • Remove iTunes Backup Encryption.

Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (Android)

  • Remove 4 types of screen locks: pattern, PIN, password & fingerprints.
  • Bypass Samsung FRP lock without a PIN or Google account.
  • Unlock Samsung/LG devices without data loss.


Bypass iCloud Activation Lock: Support for iOS from 12.0 and up to iOS 14.8.1; Compatible with iPhone 5S up to X.

Unlock Android Screen: Android 2.1 and up to the latest.

Remove Google FRP Lock: Android 6/7/8/9/10.


1 Year License (iOS)$49.95$69.95
Perpetual License (iOS)$59.95$79.95
1 Year License (Android)$39.95$39.95
Perpetual License (Android)$49.95$49.95

Part 6. Dr.Fone System Repair Review

dr.fone system repair review

In the past, we had no choice but to repair our mobile device in a repair shop, which would take us at least two or three days and cost a lot of bucks. Luckily, Dr.Fone System Repair came along and changed all that.

With it, you can fix most software-related device issues at home quickly and effortlessly.


Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS)

  • Fix various iOS system issues like white Apple logo, boot loop, etc.
  • Fix most iOS issues without data loss.
  • Downgrade iOS without iTunes and data loss.

Dr.Fone – System Repair (Android)

  • Fix various Android system issues like black screen of death.
  • Fix system issues of most Samsung models.

Dr.Fone – iTunes Repair

  • Repair iTunes errors, startup errors, update errors, and other 100+ errors.
  • Repair iTunes for not recognizing iOS devices or not reading content on iOS devices.
  • Repair iTunes for not syncing iOS devices or sync failure.


iOS: Work for all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. All iOS versions supported, including the latest iOS 15.

Android: Work for all the mainstream Samsung models, including Samsung S9. Support Android 2.1 and up to the latest.

iTunes: Fully compatible with all the iTunes versions


 1 Quarter License with Auto-Renew1 Quarter License without Auto-Renew1 Year LicensePerpetual License
iOS (Win)$19.95$21.95$59.95$79.95
iOS (Mac)  $69.95$79.95
Android (Win)  $39.95$49.95
iTunes (Win)  19.95$29.95

Part 7. Dr.Fone Data Eraser Review

dr.fone data eraser review

Before you give away your used iPhone/iPad or just sell it, never forget to delete everything on it to keep your privacy safe. And in case you want to make sure all the data is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered forever, Dr.Fone Data Eraser will do the favor for you.


Dr.Fone – Data Eraser (iOS)

  • Erase iOS SMS, contacts, call history, photos & video, etc selectively.
  • 100% wipe 3rd-party apps: WhatsApp, LINE, Kik, Viber, etc.
  • Clear junk files and speed up iPhone/iPad.
  • Manage large files and free up iPhone storage.

Dr.Fone – Data Eraser (Android)

  • Wipe your Android completely and permanently.
  • Erase photos, contacts, messages, call logs, and all private data.


Data Eraser is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, no matter what operating system you are using.


1 Year License (iOS)$19.95$29.95
Perpetual License (iOS)$29.95$39.95
1 Year License (Android)$14.95$14.95
Perpetual License (Android)$19.95$19.95

Part 8. Dr.Fone Phone Manager Review

dr.fone phone manager review

For Apple users, Dr.Fone Phone Manager is the upgraded version of iTunes. It can do anything as iTunes does and much more. So if you’re tired of all those iTunes errors and limitations, give a try to Phone Manager.

For Android users, it’s an unprecedented tool to transfer and manage Android data on a computer.


Dr.Fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

  • Sync songs and other media files between iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and iTunes.
  • Transfer songs and other media files between Windows/Mac computer and iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
  • Transfer and manage contacts & SMS in one click. (Windows version only)
  • Manage your device data on a computer. (Add, delete, merge, export, etc.)
  • Make ringtones by intercepting any part of your favorite songs.
  • Convert the media file format.

Dr.Fone – Phone Manager (Android)

  • Transfer files between Android and computer.
  • Transfer data between Android and iTunes.
  • Manage all your device files and apps on a computer.


Phone Manager supports all devices running an iOS or Android version.


1 Year License (iOS)$39.95$39.95
Perpetual License (iOS)$49.95$49.95
1 Year License (Android)$29.95$39.95
Perpetual License (Android)$39.95$49.95

Part 9. Dr.Fone Password Manager Review

dr.fone password manager review


  • Find your Apple ID account.
  • Find any mail passwords like Gmail, Outlook, AOL, and more.
  • Restore your apps and website login passwords.
  • Find saved Wi-Fi password.
  • Recover Screen Time Passcode.
  • Export iOS Passwords to iPassword/LastPass/Chrome/Dashlane/Keeper.


Password Manager supports all iPhone/iPad models and iOS versions, including the latest iOS 15.


1 Month License $14.99$15.99
1 Year License $24.99$24.99
Perpetual License$39.99$29.99

Part 10. Dr.Fone Phone Backup Review

dr.fone phone backup review

Have you ever lost your data and failed to recover it because you had not backed it up? This experience is so painful that no one wants to experience it again.

To avoid unexpected data loss, you can use official tools like iTunes and iCloud. However, they all come with restrictions when restoring the data.

For a perfect tool to back up and restore mobile devices, we would recommend Dr.Fone Phone Backup.


Dr.Fone – Phone Backup (iOS)

  • 1 click to back up iPhone/iPad/iPod touch wirelessly.
  • Preview and restore the backup to iOS/Android devices selectively.
  • Selectively restore iCloud/iTunes backups without overwriting your current data.

Dr.Fone – Phone Backup (Android)

  • Selectively back up Android data to computer with one click.
  • Preview and restore the backup to any Android/iOS devices selectively.
  • Restore iCloud/iTunes backup to Android devices.


You can use Phone Backup for any Apple and Android devices on any OS version.


1 Year License (iOS)$19.99$29.95
Perpetual License (iOS)$29.95$39.95
1 Year License (Android)$19.95$19.95
Perpetual License (Android)$29.95$29.95

FAQs about Dr.Fone Toolkit

1. Do you have to pay for Dr.Fone?

Dr.Fone is not free so you have to pay for it.

However, there are exceptions if you have access to Dr.Fone crack or Dr.Fone free version. As Wondershare Dr.Fone is greatly demanded, you can find a lot of resources to download and use Dr.Fone for free.

Of course, we would not recommend you use the cracked version as it may contain viruses or malware but if you would rather take risks than spend the money, you can take a look at the relevant authoritative websites.

2. Does Dr.Fone work for iPhone?

Sure. All the features within Dr.Fone toolkit can work for iPhone, precisely speaking, for all Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

3. Does Dr.Fone work for Android?

Sure. Except for the Password Manager, all the other features within Dr.Fone toolkit can work for Android devices. Dr.Fone has strong compatibility with all mainstream Android phones and tablets.

4. Why is Dr.Fone not working?

Wondershare Dr.Fone is not flawless software and has never stopped working on its performance.

We concluded from real user feedback that the main problems you might encounter when using Dr.Fone are screen stuck, data loss, and Dr.Fone taking long time.

If you’re in one of the above issues, stop asking why Dr.Fone is not working but directly contact their senior support team for help.

5. Does Dr.Fone Screen Unlock work?

Dr.Fone Screen Unlock only works when your device model and operation system meet its tech specifications, the results of their internal testing.

Do not buy the program until you make sure your device type is in their supported lists.

6. Can Dr.Fone unlock iPhone?

Dr.Fone Screen Unlock for iOS supports removing screen passcode/Face ID/Touch ID, Apple ID, and iCloud activation lock.

However, it is not as simple as it sounds like. Every function has its limitations and can lead to different degrees of data loss and device unavailability.

Before you go further, make sure you have figured out all the specifications. Just do not go for it blindly.

7. Can Dr.Fone work on iPad?

Dr.Fone can for sure work on iPad, though there are not enough cases online.

Technically speaking, once you get past iOS system, iPadOS is no longer a problem, thus you can rest assured to use Dr.Fone on iPad.

8. Can you use Dr.Fone for free?

There is only one feature you can use for free in Dr.Fone toolkit – InClowdz. Apart from that, you have to pay either for respective tools or the whole toolkit.

As one license can be used for one PC/Mac and five mobile devices, you can also team up with your friends to buy it together.

9. What is the best alternative to Dr.Fone?

Before moving on I do have to note that none of the following alternatives to Dr.Fone are free and we failed to find any free alternatives to it in the whole market.

In data recovery, EaseUS is an up-rising star and has proceeded with Dr.Fone Data Recovery in terms of data types and recovery rate. Meantime, better services mean higher prices.

In screen unlocking, Tenorshare 4uKey can be a cheaper alternative with powerful functionality. What we love the most about it is that it is always devoted to improving the product quality and updates their latest testing results on their official website very timely.

In other fields, Dr.Fone is still your best choice regardless of price.

10. Is Dr.Fone trustworthy?

Dr.Fone is absolutely the most trustworthy solution to your needs for mobile devices. You cannot trust any other brands if you don’t trust Dr.Fone.

Dr.Fone is the first product to start the business and its company Wondershare is the only public company among all its competing companies. So in one word, I see no point in not trusting it.

Final Verdict

All in all, Wondershare Dr.Fone is a trustworthy iOS/Android toolkit and can present the highest technology level in the market. However, it doesn’t mean you can unconditionally choose and pay for it. You’d better go for more details instead of judging whether it can work for you intuitively from the ad words.

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