iMyFone LockWiper Review 2023: Everything You Need to Know

imyfone lockwiper

iMyFone LockWiper is a dedicated tool to bypass and remove various locks that may prevent you from accessing your Apple devices. However, every unlocking feature comes with its limitations that iMyFone will not want you to know before you pay for it. No worries at all, as this iMyFone LockWiper review is going to fully inform you of everything about it.

This iMyFone LockWiper review mainly consists of the following parts:

What is iMyFone LockWiper: Features and Prices

LockWiper is one of iMyFone’s unlocking programs and is only focused to unlock iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apart from LockWiper, iMyFone also developed LockWiper for Android to unlock Android FRP lock & all screen locks, iBypasser to bypass iCloud activation lock & SIM lock, KeyGenius to unlock iTunes backup passwords, and Passper to recover passwords for Excel/Word/PPT/PDF, etc.

Unlike other iPhone unlocking tools that are hard to find a download link across the internet. You can free download LockWiper directly from its official website on any Windows or Mac computer. However, it is now unavailable for Chromebooks.


It is important to figure out what LockWiper can do and whether your problem is within their service scope. However, in case you purchased the wrong product, no worries, just contact their support team and replace it with another program. I’ve done it once before and their support team was pretty nice to help me change the product for free.

Below are what you can do with LockWiper:

1. Permanently remove 4 types of iPhone locks: 4/6-digit passcode, Touch ID, Face ID, and alphanumeric passcode.

LockWiper can help you unlock disabled/unavailable iPhone/iPad when you forgot the passcode or entered wrong passcodes too many times, but the price is it will erase all your data and settings.

Only your device is running iOS 10.2-11.4 and has enabled Find My before, you can remove your screen lock passcode without losing data.

2. Unlock Apple ID without Password.

If you unfortunately forgot your Apple ID password, you can use LockWiper to unlock Apple ID without password when removing Apple ID, erasing your device, or turning off Find My feature.

After that, you are not allowed to log in with the same Apple ID. To enjoy full iCloud and Apple ID features, you have to log in with a new Apple ID.

Besides, this feature will wipe all your data with the exception that only if your device is on iOS 10.2 – 11.4 with Find My enabled, you can unlock Apple ID without data loss.

However, it still has a benefit, that is you will no longer get tracked by the owner of the previous Apple ID if you are using a secondhand phone.

3. Bypass MDM Activation Screen & Remove MDM Profile.

If you forget your username and password to unlock the MDM screen, LockWiper can help directly remove the lock and enable you to delete the MDM profile permanently. The good news is the whole process will cause no data loss.

4. Remove Screen Time Passcode.

LockWiper provides a fast and effective way to remove the screen time lock within seconds. This feature can be a lifesaver for people like me, who always forgot their screen time passcode and failed to access their device after reaching the use limits.


imyfone lockwiper pricing

You can also customize the license type on the purchase page if you have extra needs.

Although the pricing is reasonable, iMyFone LockWiper isn’t the cheapest compared to its competitors.

What we like the most is there is no price difference between its Mac and Windows versions. We’ve reviewed quite a few iPhone unlocking tools and most of them price Mac versions higher than Windows versions. That is to say, iMyFone LockWiper is a fair choice for Mac users.

Does iMyFone LockWiper Actually Work?

We’ve tested iMyFone LockWiper on iPhone 11, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPad Pro 4 respectively and according to our experiment results, iMyFone LockWiper will only work when you meet its following requirements.

First of all, make sure you have the latest iTunes/macOS installed on your computer. LockWiper cannot work without iTunes.

Second, LockWiper only works on activated devices. That is to say, make sure you’ve set up your device before and it is not iCloud locked. To remove iCloud activation lock, you should use iBypasser first.

Third, in order to unlock Apple ID if your device is on iOS 11.4 or later, you have enabled Two-Factor Authentication & screen passcode.

Besides, it’s worth noting that LockWiper will erase all your content and settings if you use it to unlock Apple ID and screen passcode unless your device is running iOS 10.2-11.4 and with Find My enabled.

Is it Safe to Use iMyFone LockWiper?

In my case, iMyFone LockWiper is safe to use. First of all, it contains no ads or bundled installers. Second, my computer and my iPad still work fine after I download the software, which means it’s not malware. Third, I didn’t receive any suspicious scam text messages or phone calls, so I can believe it doesn’t sell or abuse my personal information. However, you should know that this is only true when you download LockWiper through formal channels.

If you download and use cracked LockWiper or register with a cracked email and registration code, nothing can be guaranteed from iMyFone. Therefore, we strongly recommend you use the legitimate iMyFone LockWiper.

Pros & Cons of iMyFone LockWiper

Intuitive and instructional interface.One license is only for one device.
Click-through operation that will not exceed 3 steps.Data loss in most cases.
Support all iOS versions and iPhone/iPad models.
Free trial before purchase.
24/7 one-on-one support.

Best iMyFone LockWiper Alternatives

Dr.Fone Screen Unlock vs iMyFone LockWiper

Compared with iMyFone LockWiper, Dr.Fone Screen Unlock is truly the toolkit to remove all locks from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, including the iCloud activation lock. So if your device is disabled and meantime iCloud locked, Dr.Fone Screen Unlock is the best choice for you.

Tenorshare 4uKey vs iMyFone LockWiper

Tenorshare 4uKey can perform exactly the same functions as iMyFone LockWiper but with a slightly different interface. The biggest advantage of Tenorshare 4uKey over LockWiper is that each license can be used on 5 devices so if you want to unlock more than one device, Tenorshare 4uKey would be a more cost-effective choice.

FAQs about iMyFone LockWiper

1. Does LockWiper work on iPad?

We are sure that LockWiper can work on iPad because we’ve successfully used it to unlock an iPad Pro. Besides, according to LockWiper official website, it supports all iOS versions and devices. That is to say, not only does LockWiper work on iPad Pro but also on all iPad models.

2. Does iMyFone LockWiper delete data?

It depends on which feature of LockWiper you use.

Your data will be kept safe if you use LockWiper to bypass MDM activation screen or disable screen time passcode. Apart from these two features, LockWiper will for sure delete your data after your use it. But there is one exception if you use it to unlock Apple ID from an iOS device running iOS 10.2 to 11.4 with Find My [Device] enabled, LockWiper will not delete your data.

3. How can I buy iMyFone LockWiper?

You can buy it by clicking the “Buy Now” button on its official website. iMyFone LockWiper accepts all mainstream payment methods, including PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, etc. iMyFone will send you an email containing your registration information right after your complete the purchase. Then you can register within the software and use its advanced features.

Final Verdict

iMyFone LockWiper is worth trying when you are stuck with various iPhone/iPad/iPod touch locks. And we strongly recommend you use LockWiper to unlock your device other than sending your phone to an offline repair shop, which will charge your more money but actually uses the same technique.

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