iMyFone AnyTo Review: The Good, Bad, and Alternative

This iMyFone AnyTo review is going to unveil whether iMyFone AnyTo is a safe and trusted Pokemon Go spoofer as well as how it works for other location-based apps like Life360 and Grindr.

imyfone anyto review

iMyFone AnyTo, sometimes miscalled as iMyPhone AnyTo, iFone AnyTo, and MyFone AnyTo… is the one and only location changer tool that can work on both iPhone and Android devices. Since the tool was developed, it has been mostly used as a Pokemon Go spoofer because it can fake GPS location to anywhere in the world and joystick GPS movement like you are really moving.

Disclaimer: All the opinions you’ll read below is purely based on the test results of the author and other authority websites.

FAQs about iMyFone AnyTo

In case you’ve already got a question about iMyFone AnyTo, you can directly search for your answer from this FAQ section.

1. Does iMyFone AnyTo work?

iMyFone AnyTo indeed works to fake your current phone location and even enables you to “move” along a customized route at a customized speed. With it, you can play VR games like Pokemon Go at home without moving, save yourself from being tracked by a parental control app like Life360, and pretend you are in the coolest places in the world on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

2. Is iMyFone AnyTo safe?

It can be safe if not used too often or stupidly. Some users said that their Pokemon Go accounts got banned after using iMyFone AnyTo but in my case, it works just fine if you don’t overuse it. No Pokemon Go spoofer can be 100% safe to use but compared to those spoofing apps, iMyFone AnyTo is much easier to set up and use, and most importantly, it is completely free from ads and malware. I would recommend iMyFone AnyTo if you don’t want to risk your phone health.

3. Is iMyFone AnyTo legit?

We have no idea whether iMyFone AnyTo is legit because the whole industry is kind of in a grey area. But one thing we can be sure of is due to its ambiguity, no one has been punished for using this kind of software.

4. Is iMyFone AnyTo free? (Do you have to pay for iMyFone AnyTo?)

iMyFone AnyTo actually provides two free trials to let you explore how it would feel with its service. Every device only has two chances so after that you have to pay for a month/year/permanent plan. Luckily it’s not very expensive, you can buy it now at a cheaper price on this discount page.

5. Can iMyFone AnyTo be trusted?

As far as I am concerned, it is trustworthy and worth trying. I can say it’s honest with its features after testing it with my own iPhone, iPad, and Samsung phone. All the things it advertises, it does.

6. How long does iMyFone AnyTo last?

It will last 24 hours if you haven’t restarted your phone yet at that time.

7. How to turn off iMyFone AnyTo?

To turn off iMyFone AnyTo and resume your phone to the real location, you just need to disconnect your phone from the computer and then restart your phone.

8. How can I connect my phone to iMyFone AnyTo?

You must connect your phone to iMyFone AnyTo with the help of a USB cable. And for your phone to be successfully recognized, make sure you’ve unlocked the phone and trust this computer on your phone.

Detailed Review of iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo seems like a dream tool to joystick Pokemon Go without moving, protect privacy from parent control app Life360, and fake the location tag on social platforms. It provides a safe and easy way to teleport your phone location and create an impression that you are moving along a customized route at walking/cycling/driving speed.

Now let’s take a close look at each feature of iMyFone AnyTo.

Teleport GPS Location

AnyTo provides two methods for you to change GPS location. One is pinpointing a location on the map and the other is searching for a location by name or coordinates. This feature is ideal when you want to enjoy some region-restricted features or prank others into thinking of you are somewhere else.

Once you connect your phone to the computer, it will show you your current location on a map under teleport mode by default. Then you can scroll up and down the mouse to zoom in and out of the map, and select a destination. Or if you want to teleport to a long-distance destination, you can directly use the search bar at the top left corner to search for your destination. To change the destination, you can just pinpoint another location or search for another place in the search bar.

imyfone anyto teleport mode

Whichever location you pin/select on the map, you’ll see its name, coordinates, and distance on the left. When you finish the selection, just hit the Move button and your location will be changed instantly.

While for Pokemon Go users, there’s one more thing you should take care of. In order to avoid being banned by the game, you should never teleport to a distant place right away because no one can do that unless you are Superman.

Before that, you should turn on the Cooling Timer function by clicking the snowflake icon at the lower right corner of the software interface. This function will calculate how long it will take to get from your current location to the destination and will display a countdown to let you know when is the reasonable time to teleport.

cooling time pokemon go

If you want to teleport to multiple places, you can switch to the Jump Teleport Mode, and plan a jumping teleport route. So you can directly click the Next Point button after the cooldown timer ends. Or you can enable the Auto-jump to let it happen automatically.

imyfone anyto jump teleport mode

Besides, you can tick on the Fluctuation Mode to make your GPS location as realistic as possible. As its name implies, this feature can make your virtual positioning point fluctuate back and forth within a few meters of the destination.

imyfone anyto fluctuation mode

Note that this operation will affect all the location-based apps on your phone.

Simulate GPS Movement between Two/Multiple Spots

This feature can simulate a realistic movement along a customized route and is best for hacking/cheating Life360 app.

To simulate GPS movement on your iPhone/Android, you should first select the Two-spot or Multi-spot mode at the top right corner. After that, select two or more locations using the two methods I mentioned above. As long as you pinpoint a location on the map, the location will be added to the sidebar, and also you can choose to delete it from there. You can easily change the route by dragging or deleting the location pin(s) you selected.  

simulate gps movement

It is convenient that under Multi-spot mode, when the starting point is close to the end point, you’ll be asked whether to create a circle route. You can choose YES to align the two points or NO to leave them as they are.

imyfone anyto circle route

In addition, you are allowed to set up how many times you want the simulator to move forth and back (Return) or repeat (Loop) along the customized route as well as customize the movement speed.

To make the movement even more realistic, you can tick the Realistic mode under the speed bar, in which the moving speed will randomly vary in the upper or lower 30 percent of the selected speed range every 5 seconds.

imyfone anyto realistic mode

Besides, one practical feature for senior Pokemon users is that AnyTo supports importing/exporting GPX file. Click on the Down icon on the lower right if you want to import a GPX file and click on the Up icon on the left route panel if you want to export the GPX file.

imyfone anyto

Fake Pokemon Go with GPS Joystick

After teleporting in Pokemon Go, you can switch to Joystick Mode to flexibly change your location.

This feature is specially designed for Pokemon Go users. You can move forward or reserve at a customized speed by clicking the direction buttons on the interface or using keys w, a, s, d, or keys up, down, left, right to control GPS movement.

imyfone anyto joystick mode

Bonus Tip: How to Use History Records and My Favorites

If you use one spot or one route frequently, you can click the star icon to collect them, then you can find them in the historical records. This can help you quickly resume your favorite spots/routes with one click.

imyfone anyto saved spots and routes

In the latest version, you will find a newly added section in the Historical Records – Added PokéStop & Gym, which can help you see all PokéStops and Gyms in certain regions.

imyfone anyto pokestops and gyms

Pros & Cons of iMyFone AnyTo


  • The most realistic iOS location changer.
  • Mighty powerful features.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Support all iOS devices and most Android devices with iOS 16 and Android 13 included.
  • Work on both Windows and Mac computers.
  • Free trials before you buy it.


  • Not available in some regions.
  • Banned if used too frequently.

iMyFone AnyTo Pricing and Coupon Code

iMyFone AnyTo provides four pricing plans: $14.99 for 1-month plan, $29.97 for 1-quarter plan, $59.98 for 1-year plan, and $89.99 for lifetime plan. And you can customize a business plan if you want to change GPS of more than 5 devices at the same time.

imyfone anyto pricing

Once you finish the payment, you’ll receive an email that contains the licensed email and registration code. Then you can register to enjoy the full AnyTo features without limitations.

Honestly speaking, its pricing is a little bit more expensive than its competitors but you need to know that there is a reason for it. AnyTo is the one and only location changer that can work on both iOS and Android devices, and that alone puts it way ahead of its rivals. Apart from that, AnyTo provides the most powerful features that you can rarely find in other products.

If you still think it is too expensive for you, you can buy it from the discount page. This page often gives out AnyTo coupon codes from time to time, so you can try your luck. Or you can take a look at the cheaper alternatives to AnyTo in the next part.

iMyFone AnyTo Alternatives

First things first, there is no iMyFone AnyTo Android alternative because AnyTo is the only one that supports faking location on Android devices.

But luckily if you are using iPhone or iPad, you can find several apps like iMyFone AnyTo on the market. And Dr.Fone Virtual Location and Tenorshare iAnyGo are two of the better known.

iMyFone AnyTo vs Dr.Fone Virtual Location

If I remember rightly, Dr.Fone Virtual Location was developed before iMyFone AnyTo, and until now, you can see the influence of the former on the latter. They have almost the same features if we put Android aside. At the same time, it is about $5 cheaper for a monthly plan, and $10 cheaper for a quarterly plan. As an iPhone user, I have to say Dr.Fone Virtual Location is a perfect alternative to iMyFone AnyTo.

iMyFone AnyTo vs Tenorshare iAnyGo

Tenorshare iAnyGo can basically meet your needs to teleport and joystick in Pokemon Go and has a lower starting price at $9.95. But compared to AnyTo, it lacks some safe and handy features such as cooling timer, fluctuation mode, PokéStop & Gym, etc.

Final Verdict

From this review we can conclude that iMyFone AnyTo is a trustworthy and effective iOS/Android location changer. Its simplicity and flexibility make it stand out from the competition and more than that, it is remarkable for being compatible with Android devices. I believe that with reasonable use, iMyFone AnyTo can bring huge benefits to your game experience and privacy protection.

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