Full AnyTrans Review: What is it? Is it Safe?

imobie anytrans review

I have recently bought iMobie AnyTrans to migrate data from my old iPhone to my new iPhone and hence decided to write a helpful AnyTrans review for its current and potential future users.

What I Like

  • Fabulous UI design and experience. For me, I just loved it the first second I started using it.
  • Versatile and powerful functions. No exaggeration! I promise!
  • 60-Day money-back guarantee, the longest period I’ve ever seen in the software industry.
  • One license for unlimited devices! That means you can manage all your devices with a single payment.

What I Don’t Like

  • High pricing.
  • Some features don’t support the latest iOS version.

Part 1. What is AnyTrans?

anytrans main interface

AnyTrans is a tool designed for Apple users to manage, transfer, and back up their iPhone/iPad/iPod/iCloud/iTunes content in one place. Sounds great right? The biggest advantage of AnyTrans is it is unbelievably smart. You are empowered to decide the destiny of every single file on your device instead of everything together. You must know what I mean if you’re an iTunes and iCloud user. Besides, AnyTrans is so versatile that you can barely find an alternative to it in the market. It indeed breaks the boundaries of iOS data management.

Note that AnyTrans is available for both Mac and Windows but not for Android users. For Android users, you can use AnyDroid, the Android version of AnyTrans.

Part 2. What can AnyTrans do?

After knowing what AnyTrans is, it’s time to figure out what AnyTrans can do. Check its functionality list to see whether you should put it into your shopping cart.

Below I devided AnyTrans features into three sections: Content Management, Backup & Migrate, and Utilities. Having a good knowledge of these features can greatly benefit you at work or in daily work.

Content Management

  • Manage up to 27 types of data on your iPhone/iPad, including photos, music, videos, audio, messages, apps, etc.
  • Import/export/delete data stored in iCloud drive and sync data between different iCloud accounts.
  • Import/export/delete iTunes library and backups without limitations.

Backup & Migrate

  • One click to transfer iPhone/iPad/iPod touch content to PC/Mac.
  • Clone your old phone/tablet to new iPhone/iPad.
  • Migrate apps and app data from old phone/tablet to new iPhone/iPad.
  • Fully/incrementally/wirelessly/periodically back up your iPhone/iPad.
  • View and restore backup content to device or computer.
  • Back up and restore WhatsApp/LINE/Viber data.
  • Transfer WhatsApp/LINE/Viber data from Android/iPhone to iPhone.
  • Migrate data between iCloud and Goggle Drive.


  • Customize ringtones.
  • Convert HEIC photos to JPG/PNG/JPEG formats.
  • Download/install/update/delete apps from computer.
  • Arrange/clean/back up/restore app icons on Home screen.
  • Mirror iPhone/iPad/iPod touch screen to computer.
  • Screen recording and screen capturing.

In addition, AnyTrans has many other widgets that you can expect and explore when you use it. It is for sure an iOS data management tool that can boost your creativity and productivity.

Part 3. How to Use AnyTrans?

Since AnyTrans has so many features that it is near impossible to elaborate on each feature in this article. If you cannot figure out how to use AnyTrans following its on-screen instructions, visit this page to see how to use every AnyTrans feature step by step.

AnyTrans has a very detailed and complete user guide on its official website for your reference. Besides, you can also subscribe to AnyTrans channel on YouTube, which is constantly uploading videos to help you make the best use of AnyTrans.

anytrans youtube channel

Part 4. Is AnyTrans Free?

It is free to use most AnyTrans functions but when you reach certain quantity limits, you have to pay for unlimited use. For more details you can check the comparison between AnyTrans free and paid versions.

AnyTrans Free vs Paid

Free VersionYou are allowed to download apps & online videos, customize ringtones, back up and mirror your device, mange iCloud content, and transfer 30 items within 3 days.
Paid VersionYou are allowed to use all features without limitations.

AnyTrans Pricing

1 Year PlanLifetime PlanFamily Plan
Unlimited Devices / 1 PCUnlimited Devices / 1 PCUnlimited Devices / 5 PCs & Macs

Part 5. Best AnyTrans Alternatives

iExplorer vs AnyTrans

Compared with AnyTrans, iExplorer offers few but thorough features at a lower price. iExplorer is very committed into data transferring and knows its users well.

However, except that iExplorer loses in versatility, it has very limited free features and you cannot even access its full interface without entering registration code at the very beginning.

It all depends on you to choose which tool. My advice here is that if you just want a one-off solution, then iExplorer is enough for you. However, if you want a longtime management tool, AnyTrans is undoubtedly a better choice.

iTunes vs AnyTrans

Honestly speaking, AnyTrans is much more powerful than iTunes and iTunes is basically included in AnyTrans. While the biggest advantage of iTunes over AnyTrans is price.

As we all know, iTunes is a free tool specially designed for iOS users by Apple company. If you have never used iTunes before, believe me, it is very handy to use and you should get it now. While if you are already an iTunes user and desire more than what it can offer, then AnyTrans is exactly what you need.

Part 6. FAQs about iMobie AnyTrans

1. Is AnyTrans better than iTunes?

As far as I am concerned, AnyTrans is much more better than iTunes in terms of versatility and simplicity, but iTunes wins on price.

AnyTrans works like an advanced version of iTunes without that many restrictions. You can do whatever you want with AnyTrans and manage 10 more data types than with iTunes. If iTunes can no longer meet your data management needs, then AnyTrans is indeed a better alternative.

2. Can AnyTrans be trusted?

Yes, it can.

AnyTrans is developed by iMobie team, who has been in the area of data management for decades. iMobie is very low-key in publicity and you can barely see their ads on social media, but the quality of their product is absolutely superior. If you are still hesitating to buy it, go ahead and it will not let you down.

3. What to do if AnyTrans not recognizing my iPhone?

There are 4 tricks you can try to fix AnyTrans not recognizing your iPhone:

  • Reconnect your iPhone to the computer and make sure to unlock your device and trust the computer.
  • Update both AnyTrans and iTunes to the latest version.
  • Change another USB cable or port.
  • Disable antivirus software and other security software temporarily.

AnyTrans still fails to recognize your iPhone? Visit this page for more information.

4. What to do if AnyTrans not transferring music?

You can fix it writing an email to iMobie support team but before that, try relaunching AnyTrans and then transferring music again, which will solve most AnyTrans malfunctioning problems.

5. Where to download cracked AnyTrans?

Many people would seek cracked AnyTrans or free AnyTrans license code to enjoy AnyTrans features without paying. However, I would not recommend that! Using cracked AnyTrans means you have to take the risk of possible virus attack and personal data leakage. What’s worse, iMobie will take no responsibility or provide any technical support when something went wrong with your device while using the cracked software.

If you really want but are currently on a tight budget, click the button below to buy AnyTrans with up to 33% off.

Final Verdict

iMobie AnyTrans is a trustworthy iOS data management tool and is constantly improving and upgrading its features, though it is already way ahead of the game. As an experienced Apple user, I sincerely suggest every iOS user invest in it now and I believe it’ll become a new trade and tendency in the near future.

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