AnyFix Review 2023: Is it Safe and Legit to Use?

Quick Summary: iMobie AnyFix is a safe and legit iOS system recovery tool that can fix a series of iPhone/iPad updating & restoring failures as well as a host of stuck/unresponsive problems caused by malfunctioning iOS/iTunes operating systems. However, it is not free to use. It costs at least $35.99 to get your iPhone or iPad repaired and no crack version is available.

anyfix ios review

This AnyFix review is divided into five main parts:

FAQs about AnyFix iOS System Recovery

1. Is AnyFix safe?

Yes, it is safe to use. AnyFix is an Apple/Microsoft Certified Developer, which means the software is 100% free of malware or other threats. Apart from that, AnyFix promises the longest 60-day money-back policy and offers 24h technical support all year, so you don’t need to worry about it being a fraud.

2. Is AnyFix legit?

AnyFix just works like iTunes so I assume it is legit to use. And one thing I can be sure of is it won’t void your warranty after using AnyFix.

3. Does AnyFix Work?

Yes, AnyFix works great when you need to reset your disabled/unavailable iPhone/iPad, or when your iPhone/iPad becomes unresponsive and stuck on black screen, Apple logo, spinning wheel, etc..

4. Can I trust AnyFix?

Yes, I think you can trust AnyFix for the following reasons:

  1. AnyFix iOS System Recovery is developed by iMobie, a 12-year specialist in iOS system recovery, data recovery, and data transfer solutions.
  2. AnyFix has helped over 100,000 people recover their devices to normal.
  3. As an Apple/Microsoft Certified Developer, AnyFix is 100% free of malware or other threats.

5. Is AnyFix for iPhone free?

Not really.

AnyFix only has three free features: Enter Recovery Mode, Upgrade iOS, and 1-Click Reset Device. In other words, you have to pay for the remaining functions.

6. Do you have to pay for AnyFix?

I’m afraid so.

To use AnyFix full version, you have to pay for it. After you finish the purchase, an activate code (Order ID) will be sent to your registered email address and then you can unlock all AnyFix features.

Do not believe any claims about AnyFix crack, AnyFix full version crack, AnyFix crack download, or AnyFix activation code crack. Otherwise, you’ll put your computer and privacy information at risk.

7. Can AnyFix downgrade iOS?

Yes, it can.

AnyFix can enable you to downgrade your iPhone or iPad to a previous operation version that is still signed by Apple. But before that, you need to activate AnyFix full version.

Detailed AnyFix Review

What is AnyFix

AnyFix is one of iMobie’s flagship products, which aims to not only solve iOS but also iPadOS and iTunes errors by updating or restoring your iPhone or iPad.

According to iMobie, it takes the team seven years to develop the program and now AnyFix is able to fix 130+ iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Apple TV errors, as well as 200+ iTunes connection/backup/restore/update/sync issues, which sound pretty awesome.

In my opinion, it works a lot like iTunes in terms of functions and can be used as an alternative to iTunes when you fail to access iTunes or when iTunes shows up an error message.

AnyFix Features: What Can AnyFix Do

AnyFix is mainly used to fix iPhone/iPad updating & restoring failures as well as stuck/unresponsive problems caused by malfunctioning iOS/iTunes operating systems. But apart from that, it also has many add-on features.

The common user scenarios include iPhone is diabled/unavailable, iPad won’t charge or turn on, Apple TV cannot connect to iTunes Store, iPhone stuck on Apple logo or spinning wheel, etc..

Now let’s take a look at how AnyFix solves all of these problems:

1) 1-Click Enter/Exit Recovery Mode

AnyFix enables you to put your iPhone into/out of recovery mode with one click and no buttons. This is probably the safest and easiest way to repair your device. By simply entering and exiting recovery mode, you can fix most minor glitches and crashes on your device.

It is free to enter into recovery mode but exiting recovery mode requires you to activate AnyFix full version first. Usually, we put iPhone/iPad into/out of recovery mode by pressing the Home and Power buttons. But if you have unfortunately broken the buttons, AnyFix is indeed a great alternative solution.

2) iOS System Repair

AnyFix provides three iOS repair modes: Standard Repair, Advanced Repair, and Ultimate Repair, which can be used to fix 130+ iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Apple TV issues, like iPhone stuck on Apple logo/black screen, iPhone won’t turn on, iPhone won’t charge, etc.

Each repair mode requires you to put your iDevice into Recovery/DUF Mode and update your iDevice to the latest iOS/iPadOS/tvOS version by downloading the latest firmware file available for your device.

As I said before, the iOS system repair function of AnyFix works just like iTunes. The Standard Repair mode is in essence to update your device or reinstall the iOS on your device, which will cause no data loss afterward. The Advanced Repair mode is to restore your device and thus will erase all the content and settings on your device. As for the Ultimate Repair mode, it is unique to AnyFix and can fix any software-related issues on your device.

No matter what situation you are in, I would suggest you start with the Standard Repair mode to better protect your data. It would be better if you have previously backed up your data to iTunes or iCloud. That way, you can restore data from the backup after the repair.

3)Reset Device [FREE]

In case you want to give away or sell your old iPhone, you’d better clear your previous data and settings. At this point, AnyFix can help you reset the device to factory settings even if you forgot your screen passcode or Apple ID password.

This feature can also be used to unlock disabled/unavailable iPhone or iPad if you continuously entered wrong screen passcodes.

As far as I know, AnyFix is the only iOS repair tool that provides this feature for free.

4) iTunes Repair

I bet you must have run into some errors when you use iTunes for updates, backups, restores, or other purposes. Be it iTunes error -1, 9, 54, 56, 4013, 0xc00007b, …, AnyFix can help you get out of the trouble. Precisely speaking, AnyFix is able to eliminate 200+ iTunes errors of a variety of categories.

Despite the feature being called iTunes Repair, instead of repairing iTunes, it actually works as an iTunes alternative when something goes wrong with iTunes. But the good news is, after the repair, you will not likely go through iTunes errors again.

5) Upgrade/Downgrade iOS

For Apple fans, you can upgrade your iPhone to the latest iOS beta version in AnyFix for free!

Meanwhile, for people who regret updating to the latest iOS version, you can downgrade your iOS to the previous version at a little bit of cost.

How to Use AnyFix

AnyFix features fool-style operations and requires no skills and expertise from you. You can basically finish all the operations within 3 steps.

  • Step 1. Select a function.
  • Step 2. Download firmware.
  • Step 3. Start to repair iOS/iPadOS/tvOS.

Since it is really easy to use and all you need to do is follow the instructions on the intuitive interface, I won’t go into the details here. For more information, you can refer to its very detailed user guide.

AnyFix Pricing

AnyFix now offers three pricing plans, which are respectively 35.99$ for three months, 39.99$ for one year, and 59.99$ for lifetime use.

anyfix pricing

It is worth noting that each license can only be used to activate AnyFix on one Windows/Mac computer. Moreover, the 3-month plan and the 1-year plan only support fixing one iDevice. In case you need to fix more than one device, make sure you buy the lifetime plan, which supports up to 5 devices.

Generally speaking, the price is quite reasonable compared with offline repair. But still, it’s slightly higher than other similar products. Although I think it is well worth the extra charge, there are several cheaper AnyFix alternatives you can choose from if you are on a tight budget.

Pros & Cons of AnyFix

Fix iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch errors without losing data.Quite pricy for one-off users because it starts from a 3-month plan.
Highest-ever success rate with three repair modes.Have no obvious advantages over iTunes.
Offer more free features than competitors.
Compatible with all Apple devices and iOS versions.
60-Day money-back guarantee.
Very responsive and responsible customer service.

Best AnyFix Alternatives

Although AnyFix ranks NO.1 in our list of best iOS repair tools, there are some free or cheaper alternatives you can try if your iPhone problems are not that serious.

1. iTunes

iTunes should always be your first choice when you run into some iPhone/iPad problems. It is the official solution to repair iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and most importantly, is completely free to use.

However, it is prone to various errors and requires Apple ID and password before you use it. Therefore, tools like AnyFix can earn a position in the area of iOS system recovery.

2. iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Repair

iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Repair is another decent iOS repair tool that features lower starting price. There is no obvious difference between AnyFix full version and Fixppo full version but AnyFix offers more free features and is more cost-effective in the long term. I would recommend AnyFix to one-off users while AnyFix to regular users.

3. Dr.Fone iOS System Repair

Dr.Fone iOS System Repair is currently the lowest-priced iOS repair tool. Although it is less advanced than AnyFix for iPhone it can still handle most common iPhone problems. It is a good choice for one-off users for sure.

AnyFix Crack Download with Free Activation Code?

You are looking for AnyFix crack download with free activation code, aren’t you?

Personally, I totally understand your feeling: why should I spend the money if I can use AnyFix full version for free? But in principle, I definitely disagree with this practice.

First of all, most AnyFix crack download files are proven malware.

Secondly, most AnyFix Windows/Mac crack activation codes you can find are either scams or outdated already.

Thirdly, even though you can really find one free AnyFix activation code, you’re not entitled to AnyFix’s technical support in case you encounter unexpected problems during use.

Therefore, I sincerely recommend you purchase AnyFix through official channels. Click the button below and see if you luckily come across a sale.


Compared with traditional iPhone/iPad repair, AnyFix provides a more efficient, convenient, and cheaper solution when our iPhone or iPad suddenly breaks down in daily use. It is a lifesaver for all Apple users and I would recommend it to anyone who is suffering from iPhone/iPad/iTunes errors.

Go ahead download AnyFix and give it a try. If you have any other questions about AnyFix or this AnyFix review, drop us a comment and let us know. 

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