FoneLab iOS System Recovery Review: Does it Work?

Quick Summary: FoneLab iOS System Recovery tool is able to a fix a wide variety of iPhone/iPad issues, but overall we don’t recommend you to purchase the software. In this article, we’ll explain ourselves for that and bring to you other better alternatives.

fonelab ios system recovery review

The FoneLab iOS System Recovery review will unveil the following concerns for you:

Part 1. What is FoneLab iOS System Recovery?

FoneLab iOS System Recovery is part of the functionality of the toolkit FoneLab for iOS.

It provides two repair modes to fix all kinds of iPhone/iPad errors with only 3 steps. And you can even keep your data safe with its standard repair mode.

Compared to offline repair, FoneLab iOS System Recovery can be a time-saving and cost-efficient solution.

Part 2. How does FoneLab iOS System Recovery Work?

After checking out all its user comments, we have to say that FoneLab for iOS had a really bad reputation across the Internet.

Use review from Trustpilot:

fonelab for ios review from trustpilot

User review from Download.cnet:

fonelab for ios review from download.cnet

But it’s worth noting that most these bad reviews are from a long time ago. And now we find out that it actually works fine in some situations.

Part 3. Is FoneLab iOS System Recovery Free?

No, it’s only partially free.

fonelab for ios free vs pro

As you can see from the picture, it’s only free for some quick fixes.

In case your iPhone got any serious problems such as black screen of death, you’ll have to pay for the advanced repair.

Part 4. FoneLab Email and Registration Code

In order to use FoneLab iOS System Recovery full, you’ll have to register within the software with your email and registration code.

For people who are seeking for free FoneLab key or plan to download FoneLab iOS System Recovery crack, we prefer you to buy from the official website with coupon code.

They do discounts very often and you’ll receive the FoneLab iOS System Recovery registration code as soon as you finish the purchase.

Part 5. Best FoneLab iOS System Recovery Alternatives

Hold on if you’re about to make the purchase because you deserve way better service at the same price.

FoneLab is notorious for its low success rate and refund fraud. But that’s not true with iMobie AnyFix and Tenorshare ReiBoot.

iMobie AnyFix can provide you with the utmost success rate with the lowest monthly price.

While Tenorshare ReiBoot is at the same price as FoneLab but with a higher success rate.

You can check our reviews for each of them and make your final decision.

People Also Ask about FoneLab for iOS

1. Can I trust Fonelab?

I’m afraid no.

To do justice to your wallet, you should choose other more trustworthy iOS system recovery tools like iMobie AnyFix and Tenorshare ReiBoot.

Both of them provide better service but at the same or lower price.

2. Is FoneLab Safe?

Yes, it is safe to use.

FoneLab may fail to get your device back to normal, but it’ll do no harm to it.

3. How to use FoneLab for free?

There are two ways to use FoneLab for free.

One is to download cracked full FoneLab for iOS, and the other is to find free FoneLab keys.

But unfortunately, we don’t recommend both of them to you.

Because first of all, the cracked version may include malware.

Second, you will not be able to access technical support or claim compensation if there’s something wrong with your device when in use.

Final Thoughts

All in all, we didn’t see any advantage of FoneLab iOS system repair over its counterparts. And it’s advisable for you to seek other iOS system recovery solutions, like AnyFix and ReiBoot.

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