Filmora Review 2024

This review aims to give you a quick look at Filmora’s pros and cons, helping you decide if it suits your video editing needs.

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Highlight: Easy to use for a beginner; Powerful enough to create/edit videos for commercial use; Easy to create social media content; Not friendly to free users.

Helpful review: “Following the recommendation of the YouTuber Wazz, I started using Filmora for my video edits. I would give it a four out of five if I was to grade it on a scale.

When I began my search for video editing software, many other platforms proved quite complicated to integrate, with a steep learning curve beyond my starting point for video editing. So I steered away from the more complex options and ended up choosing Filmora for my weekly video edits.

It was very easy to get the hang of, thanks to a simple, clean, and straightforward user interface. And they also have a lot of very easy-to-follow YouTube guidelines and videos, which is fantastic for anyone new to video editing, as it makes the process super easy to start.

Upon starting with Filmora, right after downloading, they give you a few tips and guidelines to get going, but for the most part, you can just take your own path and everything is pretty straightforward.

As you hover over certain buttons on the platform, it will plainly explain their functions, and then you can just play with it and pretty quickly you’ll get the hang of it. It took me a few weeks to really grasp it.

Additionally, as mentioned earlier, YouTube is a great resource where they upload numerous tutorials, particularly for the more advanced features.

And on top of that, they have a lot of templates, effects, and features for download. While some are available for free, there are also paid plans, all of which are reasonably priced.

If you’re considering using the Wondershare Filmora platform, I recommend reviewing the pricing structure and deciding how extensively you want to engage in video editing, given that it is relatively affordable software.

However, it is pretty simple and doesn’t offer the advanced features that many other more expensive platforms do.

Nevertheless, it is a very easy-to-use platform. It has its trade-offs, but overall, I would say it’s a very good platform to start with.


– It’s very easy to use compared to other software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro. No special skills are required to use this software; anyone can use it.

– Plenty of functionality and features to suit most needs.

– A wide range of built-in effects and templates are a blast. With just a few clicks, I can add stylish transitions, filters, and animations to my videos.

– I can also get free copyright-free pictures, and video footage directly within Filmora video editor!

– Filmora is very affordable compared to other video editing tools out there. After trying several programs like Adobe Premiere, Vegas Pro, some mobile editors such as CapCut, Filmora offers more intuitive editing at a fair price.

– Filmora supports various video types and resolutions. It also has built-in sharing features that allow you to quickly post videos to social media sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.


– Filmora may experience delays when handling high-resolution videos or larger projects, resulting in a slower processing speed.

– With so much included, it’s challenging to learn all the functions. It may also be difficult to locate the specific function you need, especially if you don’t use it often. But in the end, videos come out looking unique, artistic, and very professional.

– Although there are a lot of great templates and content, most of them require extra cost. I already bought the software, AND paid the upgrade–it feels unfair to be locked out of so much.

– If some bug is raised, the video is cut without saving.


I’m a community manager for a small business, and I use Filmora to create videos for social media. I used to use free video editing software, but it was very limited in terms of features. Filmora has allowed me to create much more professional-looking videos, which has helped me to attract new clients.

It’s really easy to edit videos in Filmora. I am not trained in video editing, but I can learn it in 5, 10 minutes.

I especially like the wide range of effects and transitions that Filmora offers. I can use these to add interest and excitement to my videos. I also appreciate that Filmora supports a variety of video formats, so I can easily share my videos on any platform.

The new updated version of Filmora has improved a lot, and now it’s integrated with AI-based editing. I really like the improved UI and the fast performance of it.”

—Travis W.

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Final Verdict – Filmora Review

Filmora isn’t perfect. It has its limitations, and some features come with a price tag. But for video editing newbies and pros alike, it offers a compelling blend of power and ease, affordability and polish.

So, should you dive in? We say give it a try! With its intuitive interface, vast library of effects, and social media-ready features, Filmora might just unlock your inner Spielberg.

Grab the free trial and see for yourself if Filmora makes your editing dreams a reality!

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